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As most of you know, Valentines Day is coming up on February 14th. AND I LIKE EVENTS so we're having an event.

To start, characters will notice the snow from our current blizzard begin to stop. Light flurries might still happen throughout, and not a whole lot is going to melt away at any point in the immediate future but- enjoy the slight reprieve from the storm while it lasts.

Because starting tomorrow February 7th and continuing until February 21st characters are going to feel a little different. Most of them won't notice at first, and some might not even pick up on it at all! However, unless you purposefully choose to opt out, it's there.

Your characters are going to feel drawn to others. You can obviously take this to any degree you'd like, a couple might find themselves more in love, friends might feel more like a crush. You could find yourself tolerating or suddenly lusting after a total enemy. Whatever 'love potion' spin you want to put on this, go for it!

Just remember if your character sleeps in the bed of their nemesis on the night of the 21st, the morning of the 22nd they might be taking their lives in their hands.

Also, for those brats too smart to eat at the inn. Guess who donated cupcakes to all the local bakeries for the holidays~ Enjoy that, guys.

I think that basically covers it. /hits random icon and posts. Comments, questions, hate mail below!